Where I had to do a month thing.

So I have a baby! She is a dinosaur alien in disguise as a human. More on that later. That might be a lengthy post which I may or may not be able to get to. Speaking of things to get to, I should get to the laundry before I launch on another post. Laundry may possibly be more important than informing you about my little cuddly alien (A for short). A is almost two whole months old. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone.

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What? It’s been a month??

Yes. An entire month filled with contents from my random thoughts. I don’t know how we’ve made it through. But we’re here! Happy one month to me and my blog! :D

So as an one-month celebratory post, I propose that you should all go out and eat preserved radishes. Why? Because preserved radishes are the celebratory food of choice! People definitely know that you are celebrating when you are eating preserved radishes! There is no doubt in their mind at all. Huzzah! Preserved radishes!!

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