Food & Wine

I guess all these recent posts are mostly about food. I suppose it’s because I spend a lot of time cooking. Also some friends of ours recently went paleo, and while I had known about the paleo diet, I had never known anyone who actually was on it. Talking to them made me consider the way that the Guy and I are eating. But maybe its because we both grew up eating Chinese food at home that was prepared fresh and so that’s how we’re used to eating. But, with the whole thinking about how to feed A and the two of us, I somehow ended up subscribing to Food & Wine magazine. It was free for I forget how long, so I thought I would try it out. Continue reading


Chicken Pot Pie and Future Ovens

Last week I made a chicken pot pie because I was craving chicken pot pie. I’d never made it before, although I did make a meat pie once because I had a lot of leftover pie crust from a cherry pie that turned out to be very small because we didn’t pick enough cherries. Also, it was my first time making a fruit pie, and I didn’t realize how much sugar needed to go into the pie so it was a very tart mini cherry pie.

Anyways. I made chicken pot pie.

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I think I’ve lost my funny bone.

And possibly just chipped my front tooth trying to drink from my mouth, narrowly missing my lips and hitting my teeth instead. Wow. I really just might die of clumsiness.

No, but seriously. Where did my funny bone go? It may have gone and joined my Muse. Sadly, dear folks, I don’t think I’ve been particularly interesting recently, and thereby have not written much interesting stuff. Why? Basically, my life has fallen apart, and I am trying to get it back together.

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