Food & Wine

I guess all these recent posts are mostly about food. I suppose it’s because I spend a lot of time cooking. Also some friends of ours recently went paleo, and while I had known about the paleo diet, I had never known anyone who actually was on it. Talking to them made me consider the way that the Guy and I are eating. But maybe its because we both grew up eating Chinese food at home that was prepared fresh and so that’s how we’re used to eating. But, with the whole thinking about how to feed A and the two of us, I somehow ended up subscribing to Food & Wine magazine. It was free for I forget how long, so I thought I would try it out.

The first issue came earlier this month. I had completely forgotten that I had subscribed to it. The Guy was wondering why we had it in our mailbox. I told him and then began perusing through it. I quickly realized that the target demographic of the magazine was perhaps not people who ate as simply as we usually do. Also, there’s a lot of it that pertains to wine, and neither of us drink alcohol. I made a comment to the Guy.

He responded, “Well, it is called Food & Wine.”

That was a valid comment.

The I realized that while there are plenty of recipes in it, there were also lot of recipes where I didn’t even know what the ingredient was. For example, turbinado sugar. I was aware of brown, powdered, granulated sugar, and molasses, but I’d never heard of turbinado sugar. After googling it, I realized it’s actually much more common than I thought. But there are other ingredients that I have no idea what it is, and where in Central Illinois I would find it.

I felt a little silly for having subscribed to Food & Wine. And then I told the Guy that maybe after browsing through the issues, we should just send them to my older brother who is fully immersed in the Californian/millennial foodie culture and let him try the recipes out.

After further consideration (albeit brief), I decided that there had to be something that I could make from the magazine. It couldn’t be all over my head, right? So then I went through and marked the ones that seemed actually possible for me to make (plus the ingredients would be easy to find and easy to use, in the sense that I wouldn’t just buy it for the recipe and never use it again). And I was pleasantly surprised. There’s actually quite a few that I think I could make.

So last Saturday I tried the first one. It was more work than I usually put into make dinner, but the Guy really liked it. And I thought it was pretty tasty too. Afterwards, I told him, “I think I can only cook like that once a week.” He was okay with that. And perhaps I am too. We shall see.


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