Chicken Pot Pie and Future Ovens

Last week I made a chicken pot pie because I was craving chicken pot pie. I’d never made it before, although I did make a meat pie once because I had a lot of leftover pie crust from a cherry pie that turned out to be very small because we didn’t pick enough cherries. Also, it was my first time making a fruit pie, and I didn’t realize how much sugar needed to go into the pie so it was a very tart mini cherry pie.

Anyways. I made chicken pot pie.

I’m really bad at making pie crust. I’ve tried it a few times, and have never been very successful at it. I mean, it turns out okay. It tastes fine, and it bakes properly, but I just have a really hard time getting it into the pie tin and over the contents of the pie in one piece. I’ve been told that the secret to a good flaky crust is to not roll the dough too much, but I can’t seem to get it to stay in one piece. So my pie crust eventually looks like this:

WP_20140716_008It looks patchy and stuff because there were holes from trying to get the pie crust on. Also, I misread instructions so there was a little too much liquid in the crust as well. Also, we didn’t have shortening, so I thought I’d try with butter, but then the butter started melting and it also made a mess………..

Which leads me to my future oven.

Apparently I have a future oven. Or, at least, my phone thinks I do.

Me:  I didn’t do a good job with the pie crust.
       It is melting in the future oven.
Friend:Future oven?
Me: Ummm….
       I suppose that’s what my phone thinks of the oven.
Friend: hahahaa
Me: It’s actually the one you mom didn’t think you guys needed and gave to me
       and Andy, and now me.
       I bet you didn’t know it was a future oven.
Friend:I didn’t.
       I could use a future oven.

Because everything my phone says is obviously true, just as everything the Internet says is obviously true, I have a future oven. So far, I’ve discovered that one of the functions of the future oven is to melt pie crust. Like so:


And so:

WP_20140716_013Note how the crust is slowly dripping itself into the bottom of the oven.

I haven’t figured out what the rest of the functions of our future oven are. I guess I’ll find out and keep you all posted.

The chicken pot pie, however, turned out quite nice–even if some of the crust had melted off (probably because of the chunks of butter in it too).

WP_20140716_014Note the patchy spots of the pie crust. The pie crust itself actually tasted really good. I just wish more of it hadn’t ended up in the bottom of our oven.

WP_20140716_016The pot pie itself was not too bad. It wasn’t what I imagined in my head, but it was still quite good. The Guy approved, but he approves of just about anything I make so I’m not sure if it’s really that good. The recipe I used was from here.  It wasn’t that hard to make but the Guy and I both felt that it would have been better if the filling was a little soupier/saucier(?). Pie crust recipe was from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which I’m not going to retype here. Oh, but the Internet is so helpful and I have located it here. I just replaced the shortening with about 1/2 cup of butter. I would say… let the butter melt a little bit before cutting it into the pastry. Also, don’t add water before cutting the butter in (which is absolutely not not what I did).

Also, the Guy did a really good job of cleaning the oven. It looks better than it does in the pictures.


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