Maude Adjustments

It’s all rumbly and tumbly outside. And I think it’s going to be storming. Like my belly when it’s hungry. Speaking of which, my zombie stomach hasn’t really been acting up lately. I wonder if someone else has gotten ahold of it and is babysitting it for me. Well, that’s not true. I still occasionally have a voracious appetite that cannot seem to be be quelled. But enough about my zombie stomach, because this post is really about Maude.

Although, I think the rain will do my garden some good. I haven’t been good about watering it recently because I keep hoping it’ll rain so I won’t have to pull the hose out and then put it back. The hose and I aren’t friends. We often fight, and the hose wins. And then the Guy has to step in and intervene.

Hmm. Now it’s blustery outside too. I feel bad for the mailman whom I just saw outside the window.

Anyways, back to Maude.

Maude has been getting kind of unruly recently, so I’ve been thinking about what to do with her. I thought I wanted to cut my bangs and that would appease the deep need within my being to do something about Maude. Otherwise known as being scissor happy.

But I don’t want bangs right now. It’s hot and humid here in Illinois, and I really don’t like the idea of having hair plastered to my face. I think I’d rather cut bangs in the winter where they could be of some kind of use to make my forehead warmer (they really do make my forehead warmer). So I have somehow managed to refrain from cutting my bangs.

But something needed to be done about Maude.

So the Guy and I decided–or rather, I decided and made the Guy help me–to give Maude a trim. A trim, mind you, not a lopping, which we have done before. Now, I have been giving the Guy haircuts for almost a year, and the Guy has also been giving me haircuts for some time now. Granted, I give him more haircuts than he gives me, but we’ve got some experience beneath our belts regarding hair cutting. I think he was rusty though. Plus, we actually went through and layered my hair instead of just putting it in a ponytail and then chopping it, so it was a new experience for him. I didn’t have any fancy tools, so we did it the old fashioned way, which was fine. Turns out the last haircut we gave me wasn’t as layered as we thought it was, because the Guy was worried about the lengths that were being cut off and such, but it turned out all right, I think. Maude is behaving so much better now, but I’m not sure if it’s simply because she wanted a trim. Perhaps.

This week the Guy requested a haircut. When we first started out, it used to take me over an hour. I’m cutting down the time slowly, and have also gotten better (thank goodness), so it’s not as nerve wracking as it used to be. Is this what married life is supposed to be like? We groom each other? I guess I do think of the time we use as cutting our hairs as time spent with one another that is pretty fun. I suppose mutual grooming should be a part of married life, right? As long as we’re not picking fleas out of each other’s hair and then eating them.


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