All the bugs attack!

Bugs really like me. And I don’t mean the pretty ones like butterflies and… I’m not sure what other pretty bugs there are out there–but I mean the mean ones that bite.The other day the Guy and I were talking to our neighbors during the evening. We had just gotten home from a gathering, and they greeted us, so we walked over and had a nice chat. Nice except for the fact that I got six fat bug bites. And the Guy got none. The bugs bit me through my shirt and the long sleeve cardigan I had on. He was standing right next to me and managed to get away unscathed.

Why? (meant to be said in a wailing tone)

One of them looked like a kite on my arm.

The other one made my foot swell up like this:


Well, you can’t really see the swelling, but the entire red area was kind of swollen.

I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a place with so much bugs. Why, Illinois! Why?!? That being said, I still like it here.


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