Everything is an excuse to do nothing.

It is true. Right now it is raining. Delightfully so. The sound of the gentle pitter-patter of the rain hitting my mini-forest-backyard-that-is-not-really-mine-but-I-say-it-is-anyways is so soothing compared to the awful heat and humidity we’ve had for the past two weeks. And it makes me want to do absolutely nothing.

Just about everything is an excuse to do nothing. It’s my summer vacation! (Well, sort of, I have the last week of an online class.) I get to do nothing! It’s raining! Let’s do nothing! I woke up late! Since I wasted most of my morning, then I should waste the rest of my day (not actually a good excuse)! And so on and so forth.


And really, there is plenty to do. I could do the assignments for this last week of my online anthropology class (or I could put it off until later). I could clean up the explosion of things that happened in our study in my attempt to clean it up. I could pack!

Did I mention we are moving?

Well, if everything goes well, we shall be moving. This is my first public announcement. But seeing as it is supposed to happen in the next two weeks, I suppose it’s okay to talk about it. (The Guy is very secretive. Like a ninja. Well, not really. He’s mildly secretive I guess. Actually, I think it’s more discrete than secretive. If you, the Guy, read this, let me know if you are secretive or discreet, okay?)

Anyways. I hate moving. Since I graduated from the training (three years ago) I have moved four times. And these weren’t straightforward moves like, all my belongings were in one place and move them to another. It was more like… gather my belongings from four different places (Taiwan, Norcal, and two places in Socal), then divide my things into two different groups, move some of my things up to Norcal, move some things to Illinois, move some things back to Socal, move some more things to Illinois, get some stuff from Taiwan, and then wait for the rest of my things to arrive. It was very complicated. I lost some things in the process. Like my car keys. And a printer. And I’m sure other things that were more inconsequential.

I suppose this move is a lot simpler compared to my previous moves. Everything from one place to another. No dividing. No regrouping. Simple is good.


I want to do nothing.

I suppose I shall get back to packing.


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