The Lazy Turtle

The reason I didn’t get to post last Thursday is because the Guy and I were taking a trip, and I was busy being lazy on my two weeks of summer vacation so I didn’t prepare beforehand and write a post. Oh well. But we went on our trip to Golena, IL and Dubuque, IA. It was nice to have a getaway for a bit where we just had some time to spend by ourselves. It was actually the first time where the two of us have spent an entire day together (just the two of us without family or friends) ever. Ever. (So yeah, it was our honeymoon, just almost a year after we got married.) It was fun! I think there’s going to be a few posts on some of the things we did or saw.

While we were in Dubuque, we went to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. It was really cool! There’s a lot to see there and lots to learn. The focus of the museum, if you couldn’t tell by the name of it, is the Mississippi. So not only are there things to see regarding the animals of the Mississippi, but also the history. If you go, be prepared to learn a lot about steamboats.

One of the most fun things that we saw there was the lazy turtle. When the Guy and I first saw it, we were convinced it was dead. I was really concerned! They shouldn’t have dead animals floating around in their aquariums. We watched it for a few minutes, and it just floated around on the surface of the water not moving. At. All. It was so still.

So after a few minutes of watching the turtle float around, I went and asked one of the people working there about the turtle. She asked if it was the white one, and then she told me that that was just a really lazy turtle. Sometimes she (the turtle) will wedge herself under a log, but sometimes she just floats around the aquarium.

I was relieved. After I stopped being worried, then the Guy and I were really amused.

In the next video, taken after I talked to the lady, we watched it for a while. Then it moved! It adjusted its limbs for a bit, and then continued to float around.


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