This last weekend the Guy and I were in charge of our children’s meeting service (or Sunday school). Usually we have a lesson and then we think of a craft that we can do with the kids. And songs. And activities. And snacks. We had them for an entire two hours. That’s a long time with the same group of kids.

They’re not bad kids, as kids go. But because they are children, they have a lot of energy, especially since they’re elementary aged children. Recently the kids have been going through character traits. They did calm and patient so far, so we were thinking about what to do with them. I guess the craft kind of dictated which character trait we chose. We were trying to think up one that relates to “genuine,” but that was really hard to think of something hands on that we could do with them. The Guy suggested making masks. But that’s more like… not genuine.

So we ended up choosing exact. The point that we were trying to get across to them about what it means to be exact is exact in the things we do, exact in the things we say, and exact with regards to time, or punctual. After our lesson we did the craft which was making clocks.

Crafts for exact in the things we do are probably plentiful (like origami, or building a bridge, or making a building), but probably too difficult for younger elementary school kids (we had 2nd grade through 6th grade together), and crafts for exact in the things we say were hard to come up with too. So we decided to go with punctual. This is where I got the idea from.

This was my demo piece:


We got cheap clocks at Walmart and took them apart so that we just had the main part of it and the hands. (I don’t know what it would be called…the main part of it, that is.) Instead of using cardboard, we just used cereal boxes. And instead of cutting and pasting something onto it, we just colored them directly. We didn’t use paints and stuff for the kids because we didn’t have any and it would have been too hard to clean up. The kids got to cut out whatever shape they wanted, and we helped them put the clocks onto the face.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad, though it did take some planning and a trial run to make sure we could run through it smoothly with the kids without any hiccups.

I wish I took pictures of the clocks the kids made. They were pretty cute.


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