So I had a run in with math…

I forgot to post yesterday. I was forgetting and remembering on and off yesterday, and the last time I remembered I was already getting into bed. And it was late. So… I decided not to post last night and instead do it today! Although I almost forgot again. Anyways, I had a quiz and an exam today, so I shouldn’t have been posting anyways and should have been studiously studying. Which of course… I totally was….

Anyways. I got an amazing bruise. Not only amazing for its size and discoloration and the many different hues it possesses, but also because it looks like there’s an equal sign on it. I got the bruise playing volley at the juvenile detention center. Not because I was put into the juvenile detention center. I was doing some volunteer work there. They kids have a gym time and we were playing volleyball. And I do love volleyball. So I really got into it and threw my body around and got a beauty of a bruise.


This is what it looked like today.

It’s not as colorful and big as it was when I first got it. Also, the equal sign is fading away. Here’s what it looked like a few days ago when you could still see the equal sign a bit.


I drew on it a big to help you all out in case you couldn’t see it.

I wish I took pictures when the equal sign was very visible. Even the Guy agreed with me.

I also played hacky sack with the kids at the detention center. Needless to say, I was very, very, very sore the next day. And bruised.

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