Illinois Has Lots of Corn

I almost forgot to post something today! I guess I’m still getting back in the routine of things.

I guess it’s old news, but I live in Illinois! In case you didn’t know, Illinois has some of the best agricultural soil in the whole world. I think it has to do with the glaciers sliding around our continent a little while back. Because of that, we grow a lot of corn and soy beans, especially central Illinois, where I live. Farming is a big deal in these parts. I think most of the schools here have agricultural related majors. Also, at Illinois State University (where I go to school), you can major in agricultural education! And teach it to high school students. I thought that was rather interesting.

Sometime last week (I think it was Tuesday) it was agricultural day! Or Ag Day, as they called it. And some clubs were passing out free stickers and seeds and candy on campus. I was really amused by the stickers they passed out. Shows some great Illinois pride, I guess.

IL stickers

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