It never ends! Scarf

The official day of spring was yesterday. Here in Bloomington-Normal, IL, however, it was 16 degrees when I left the house today. It’s supposed to be cold through the end of the month, which is fine by me. Especially because I just finished a scarf! The kind the never ends. An infinity scarf.

And here it is!


Okay, well, that’s not exactly infinite yet. That was how long it was before I sewed the ends together.


Anyways. This project took much longer than expected. I had imagined to be done with it weeks ago, but… somehow the knitting just dragged on and on. (No pun intended.)

Anyways, I wasn’t sure if I could finish it before the cold weather went away. But what with winter lingering around for some time, looks like I’ll finally get to wear my scarf. Though I’ve made tons and tons of scarves, I think this is the second scarf that I’ve made for myself. That’s slightly exciting.

And I probably won’t wear it the way I did in the picture. Unless I want to smother myself, of course.

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