Coming Out of Early Retirement

I’m not sure if you all noticed, but I had stopped blogging. It was to daunting a task to be a new wife and a student (again) in a completely new environ and to be maintaining my blog. Or so I had decided. I wanted to focus on all of the aforementioned items. But now it has been nine months and ten days since the Guy and I got married, and I think it’s time to come out of retirement.

I hadn’t really retired. Well, a little bit. I thought that my blogging days were over. But here I am again, determined to try this again. And so I have come out of my blogging retirement.

What then, shall I write about?

I think there are plenty of things to write about, like snow and winter weather and eating a mango (all of which are related!), but yesterday I read an article in my school newspaper that I really wanted to blog about, and that’s actually what motivated me to decide to come out of retirement.

It must have been a compelling article, you’re probably thinking. And it is!

The title is, “Belly button study finds new bacteria.”


You might recall that I had written a public service announcement some while ago and another entry regarding belly buttons. This is obviously an important subject that is not very well covered. But I was rather excited to see the editorial in the newspaper and really wanted to share it with you all. And here is the link that the article references. I’ve included it for your ease, so you don’t have to type it in. You’re welcome.

Anyways, clean your belly buttons!

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