I moved! …a long time ago…

Last April I moved across the country. Except I only sort of moved. You see, it was rather complicated, because I was still in California and my things were moving 2,000 miles across the United States. Well, I guess it wasn’t that complicated, but it made things a little more difficult for me.

I was doing a lot of traveling. At the end of January, I quit my job. A week later, I was in Taiwan for five-ish weeks. During that time I was doing some wedding stuff (as all my readers know), and then I came back to the US in mid-February. I was in Socal for a week (if that), then I drove up to the Bay area for not quite a week to meet with my venue, then I drove down to southern California for about a week to move, and then moved a whole bunch of stuff with me up to northern California. Oh yeah. Somewhere in between there I took a trip for almost a week out here to Illinois for school stuff.

I forget exactly how it all went.

Regardless, it was really crazy (excuse for not blogging regularly), and in between planning for my wedding and traveling, I was also moving an entire apartment’s worth of things across the country. Granted, a lot of it had already been packed from when I moved last August and hadn’t been unpacked, but I still had gone through everything to get rid of excess baggage.

I didn’t enjoy that at all. I hate moving.

I have five bookshelves. They were filled with things.

The Guy and I had ordered some pod-like shipping containers (they were called cubes, or something like that?). I had (still have) a lot of things, so we needed two. I also had a bunch of furniture too. We weren’t sure it was all going to make it in. But it did! Huzzah! Thanks to the amazing packing skills of two friends of mine.

Needless to say, it was very full.

And my poor stuffed animals had to suffer some indignities too.

The Dog with No Name. Poor thing.



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