Beach with Strange Rocks

Whilst I was in Taiwan (in March, not in June), I went to a beach with a lot of strange rocks. They also had some funny names. I meant to post about this (of course), but never got around to it. I just transferred all sorts of pictures from my phone to my computer, which calls for more ease of posting pictures, so maybe I’ll actually go and write about all the things that I had meant to! No promises. We’ll see.

So there’s this place in Taiwan called Yeliu. Something like that. Due to the nature of the stones there, and the wind, sea, etc., they have strange rock formations. I guess it’s a pretty famous place, but it was my first time there. The most famous structure is this one:

Alas, I couldn’t find my own picture of it, so this will suffice.

Apparently it’s eroding at quite some rate, so if you’d like to see it, you better go in the next few years.

There’re also other strange looking rocks. Like this:

Looks like it might be an alien landscape.

Or this:

I told my mom that they kind of look like poo. Don’t they?

And they also have a pineapple bun rock!

Pineapple buns don’t actually taste like pineapple. They’re supposed to look like the skin of it. In case you didn’t know.

And a pig snout one:

I’m not sure what the proper name for this one was. But I think it looks like a pig snout.

Anyways. They have some other things like a fairy slipper or elephant head thingy (I think), and all sorts of other interesting rocks. But you can’t touch them or climb them (sad), and there are a lot of tourists there at any given day, even if it’s not the holidays. It is pretty interesting though.


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