Decision Announcement!

I made a decision! This is big news. Saying “big news” makes me think of newspaper boys from the early 1900’s on street corners fighting each other for spots to sell newspapers because they are really child laborers that are working hard for just a penny or a nickel or a dime or however much they made from selling a paper.

Anyways. I’ve decided that I can’t do scheduled updates. It’s too difficult. I never feel like writing when I’m supposed to write, and I want to write all these things when I’m not supposed to, and I’m not dedicated enough to draft posts and schedule them for later. I think I prefer spontaneity to regular programming.

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot, recently, and there are so many things that I thought about writing, but when it came down to actually sitting down and writing… I got attacked by the lazies. Or the slumpies. Whatever you prefer. So that’s my update. And I think I’ll be more inspired to write when I’m not as obligated to do so.

That’s it.

Say something! Make me laugh!

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