I didn’t post on Monday! ::lament:: I kept meaning to but then I never did it, because I was still slumping around. And my friend says that I can’t call The Lazy The Slump (two links) because it’s unacceptable to the medical community. I would become a laughingstock. But I don’t care.

This post, however, is not about The Slump/The Lazy. (I also decided that you could call me Your Slumpiness, if you so desired.) This post is about growing things (one phrase, growing being the adverbial adjective for things).

In our apartment, we are growing things! (This time, it is verb plus noun.) Now, I can’t remember if I’ve written about gardening or plants (oh wait, I have), but I am having my own little herb garden! Which, from reading my other post, appears have have been a long lived dream of mine.

Guy and I bought two little planters with gardening soil a couple weeks ago, and started planting pretty soon after. Here is a picture of our cute plants pretty soon after planting:

I think this was the day after we planted, from the looks of it.

And a closer up of the one with plants that you can see. Kinda blurry though.

The reason some of the green onions (that’s what they are) are sprouted already is because I had soaked the bulbs (they’re bulbs, right?) in water before I planted them. Because I was soaking them from even before we bought the planter, so they had already grown a bit.

But here’s the amazing part. Here’s a week later:

Woah! Look at that growth!

It’s only been a week between the two pictures (literally, a week), and yet, look at the difference! This is why I think growing things are amazing. Life is so amazing. Sigh. Another reason why I like growing things.

And oh yes, we are planting cilantro, green onions, and garlic. Hopefully because we’re planting them indoors, they can grow all year round. I’m pretty excited for them. I’m considering naming each sprout. Then I could tell Guy things like, “Oh, by the way, we’re having Joe for dinner tonight.”




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