Amendment & Other News

It’s still Friday! That means I’m still posting on the right day! Even though it is definitely not the right now. But today I had to make ridiculous amounts of cole slaw and potato salad, so there.

For today, I have to amend Wednesday’s post. It’s too similar to the lazy, also, here. Also, I had a discussion with the guy, and he agreed that I was already lazy to begin with. Sigh.

I guess I didn’t discover a post wedding effect. The slump and the lazy are the same exact thing, it turns on. And so I can’t really have any new complaints. I just have to confess that I got lazy, which is really no fun at all.

But following my post, I got all my some motivation back, and then I started doing stuff! Also, on Thursday I was extremely productive, and even though I slept in a little bit this morning, I still got a lot done! Granted it was all in the kitchen, and I made ridiculous amounts of food for tomorrow. But still.

Also! I had cooking adventures today! My first time making cole slaw and potato salad. I’d never actually made it before. It never occurred to me that it would take very long or be very difficult, but I guess if you’re making forty servings of each it takes a bit longer. Good thing I had some help in the morning–otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t have finished on time.

Still! It was my first time using some of my wedding present cookware, and also my first time using an egg slicer! (I think.) I always just cut them by hand. But egg slicer makes things so much faster! Except I had a hard time cleaning it. But then I figured it out. I suppose I did a lot of new cooking related things today, but there’s too much back story to be given and it’s too much work. If I don’t give back story then it just makes me look like a cooking noob. Which I may very well be, when it comes to non-Asian cooking.

And I’m tired, so that’s all for today.

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