The Slump

I forgot to post on Monday. I had been doing so well and then I forgot to post on Monday! Sigh. I completely forgot. Well. That’s not true. I forgot until later in the day. And by then I didn’t want to post anymore so it simply didn’t happen. And then I thought really hard about posting yesterday, but then I decided that I’d save up all my creative juices for Wednesday.

It seems that I need my creative juices. I seem to have encountered what I am going to be calling, “The Slump.” Here’s the background.

Ever since I got married (and a little bit before, too), people keep telling me things about how women have issues after they get married. Let me clarify. Issues as in, they are ill a lot more, they experience severe depression, they don’t know what to do with their lives, etc., etc. I suppose it’s all the adjustment to wife-ing.

So I’ve been looking for my big problematic extreme change in my lifestyle/body/life since I’ve gotten married, and besides getting sick (which was probably more from all the traveling and planning wedding stress), I’ve met my new match, that is, THE SLUMP. ::ominous music::

At the end of last week and all the way through today (so almost a week), my productivity level has been dwindling, dwindling, and finally coming to a grinding halt. It seems as though I’ve been losing steam, and now all the air has leaked out of me. I almost don’t want to do anything.

GUYS! I’M IN A SLUMP! I’ve become a pathetic mess of slumpy goo that takes up space in the universe without giving any contribution to the rest of the known world! I’m not sure this is what Guy had intended to happen when he married me. He probably didn’t want to marry slumpy goo anyways! Oh noes!

I was so slumpy that I didn’t even want to post! It’s like I’ve lost my raison d’être! I have to find myself all over again! I have to relive my college years because maybe I didn’t find myself then and now I have to do it all over again! (Oh wait, I am going back to college.)


I need to find a way to get through the slump. Suggestions?

Besides this:

moosterkey: Maybe if you slump so hard you break through to the other side.

I’m not sure how to slump harder.

4 thoughts on “The Slump

  1. Hey I just read this. You’re not in a slump still are you? I think I/we are taking our first steps out of being in one too. Ahhhhhhh liiiiiiiifffffe!!!!!!

    • I’m no longer in that just married slump, but I am in a just-finished-school-still-unemployed slump! I’m slowly working on getting out of this one. As I often say, “Why is life so hard??!!”

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