The Bleh

It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly that I almost forgot that I was due for a post today. But luckily (for you, of course) I remembered!

Since I’ve been back I haven’t been doing a whole lot besides wading through gifts, breaking down boxes, rolling in bubble wrap (If you’re trying to pop lots of bubble wrap, by the way, rolling over them really doesn’t do much at all because your weight is more evenly distributed over them. So disappointing.), beginning to write thank you cards, and not much else.

I really don’t feel like I’m doing a whole lot because it feels like I’m doing everything in slow motion. At first because I had the worst jet lag I’ve ever had. Then because I got sick. And then because of the zooga. Well, jet lag is over. But I’ve apparently contracted some strange sort of illness. At first I thought it was a mere cold. I can brush that off no problem. But then it got worse. And then I’ve had small blisters all over the inside of my mouth. My friend says that I’ve got mouth pox. I half believed her because she knows a lot of bio stuff for an engineer, but then I googled it, and it’s just chicken pox of the mouth. Which is what I do not have. I think she’s posting about it today. So you should go here to read it. When it’s up, of course.

This hasn’t exactly been helping my productivity. As of last night, it hurts too much in my mouth to eat. Even drinking liquids hurts my mouth. I may be slowly wasting away into nothingness. The guy said that he would cry inside.

Well, anyways. I’m probably not going to waste away into nothingness quite so quickly. But hopefully this is nothing but my immune system breaking down because of too much stress, and then after doing nothing for about a week I’ll be right back up again. Hopefully.

Either that or I’m going to become nothingness. Huzzah!

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