It’s all over!!! Sort of.

The last time I posted was April 6. That was… a long time ago. But guess what?!?! It’s all over! Sort of! That means we’re back to our regular scheduled programming! (Hopefully.)

A quick recap of the past three months–wow, I haven’t posted in almost three months.

Let’s see… my last post was on transfer day at Illinois State University. Following that I went back to California. I went back to socal and I got locked out of my house! I actually wrote a post on that but never posted it. Sigh. I will have to remedy that at some point. I was going to make illustrations, but never got around to it so… it never got posted. It’s quite a swell story, though, so hopefully I’ll remember to do that soon.

Back to April. After I got back from Illinois, I drove up to the Bay area for taste testing at the hotel. Then I drove back down because I had to move all my things to Illinois. That was a grueling and not so fun process! But it’s okay because it’s all over. Then I drove back up to the Bay area where I stayed at my friend’s place.

I had a really great time there because I also got to play a lot with her great baby!

For almost all of May I crafted and bought stuff and met with the hotel staff and made some more stuff. Over all it was pretty fun, except–I hate calling people. And no one ever seems to pick up. It makes me have existentialist crises. Because they also never call me back! For a few days at least!

I ordered a cake! That was something I kept putting off because… I didn’t want to order a bad cake and then everyone would complain, but then it was also hard to put it off because I needed to order a cake. Sigh.

I also bought a mailbox. I painted birdhouses. I made a lot of cards, and a lot of place cards.

I got married! Then again! And again! Okay… maybe not the again and again part. But I got married one weekend, and then had a reception the next weekend in SoCal, and then another reception the next weekend in Taiwan.

I went to Taiwan! We took ridiculous wedding photos! It was the most ridiculous. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes! I had to wear ridiculous gloves with my ridiculous dresses!

And then I came back. And now I’m finally home. Unpacking. Opening gifts. And super jet lagged. And also sick.

That is my three month recap. Maybe I’ll go back and elaborate on some of this stuff. We’ll see. Also, I’m not sure if it all makes sense. Because… I can’t quite remember how the order for everything went anymore. And also, I’m sick and my head is stuffy and I might not be thinking that coherently.

Huzzah! I posted!

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