The Rest of My Life

You know how people say things like, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”? Well, technically, no one has every said it to me. But I imagine that if I was a prison inmate who was being released someone might say that to me. Or I might say it to myself. Same thing.

Anyways. I’m not getting out of prison. I’ve never been in prison, for that matter. I shouldn’t joke about prison because I’ve heard it is a very scary place and maybe I don’t want someone who once was in prison read this, get offended, and then decide to come after me. That wouldn’t be fun. So… please don’t come after me, previous prison inmate.

The point of this post is another weak attempt at posting. Well. I guess it’s not weak if I actually click on the Publish button. If I did that, then I’d actually be posting. Does that make it a strong attempt?

The reason why today is the first day of the rest of my life is… as of today, I am officially going back to school. I just registered from some classes that I think I’m actually going to drop. And pick up some other ones. But I will be in school. I’m moving out of California to Illinois, where I’ll be attending school to get a history teacher certification.

I have always wanted to be a history teacher. But I won’t elaborate on that, because if you really wanted to know, I’d let you read my scholarship applications. There you can read all my inspirational verbage about how long I have yearned and longed to be a teacher for most of my life-long years. But that’s not important here.

I’m not actually getting a degree. I’m just going to get a certification. And then I will be a history teacher! Huzzah! Except, I will be having to take classes with undergraduate students.

I have nothing against undergraduate students. The only problem that I foresee is that I will be extremely lazy and they will all be working oh-so-hard. I am also almost a decade older than the freshman! I will be oh-so-old! The guy and I made up this tragic story that I can tell people if they ask me why I am just now taking classes. Maybe it’s not so tragic. But it was fun to make up.

We’ll see how things go. but I’m sure this will call for more entertaining posts. Hopefully I will not post during class time. But who knows? All my memories of college (most of them) are those of slacking off. So we shall see.


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