Registry Nonsense

I haven’t written about wedding in a while. So here I am. And I just have to rant about stupidity. Actually, it’s not even a real rant and a lot of the stupidity was on my part.

So I did a wedding registry! I think I mentioned it before but I am too lazy to find the post and link it.So now people can buy me gifts instead of giving me money. In case you are curious, I’d prefer money. But whatever. We are grateful for anything we can get. But that’s beside the point.

We registered at Bed, Bath &Beyond. I had to do my registry online since I was in Taiwan at the time and… well. Taiwan does not currently have a Bed, Bath and Beyond. So the guy had them mail the registry announcement form things to my house. No problem there.

After I got back, I found a large pile of mail awaiting me. A lot of it was junk mail, but I did get several postcards and letters. Yay for snail mail! Support the USPS! Amidst all the mail were the registry announcements. My thought was, “Yay! They’re here. Now I don’t have to worry about them!”


On the cards, they have blank spots where you’re supposed to fill in your name and your registry number. We’re estimating 300 invitations. That’s 300 cards I’m supposed to fill out. I considered printing labels and sticking them on, but I figured it would look tacky.

And what’s interesting about these cards is that they come in shrink wrapped packages. (I guess that’s not the interesting part. Read on for that.) You’d think that they’d all have the same number of cards per stack. No. Not true. Some had 22, some had 27, 28, 25, 21, and even 15. What. Why wouldn’t you make them all even? A nice round number like 25. 25 would be easy to count. I don’t understand.

So last night and this morning, I filled them out. All 247 of them. There were 248 in total, but one was malfunctioned, and on two of them I made boo-boos. So really we had 245. We needed more, so I went into the store today to pick some more up.

And guess what. They print them for you with your name and your registry number. I just wasted almost two hours of my life.

I suppose I should be glad that part’s over. Except now I have to tear them up because they’re perforated.


Now you know. If you register at Bed, Bath & Beyond, go into the store so they’ll print it out for you. Instead of making the same mistake I did.

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