Vomiting is not that Fun

I’m back! Hopefully now that I’m back and jobless but still working on wedding stuff, I’ll have more time to post on a regular schedule. It was hard to do when I was in Taiwan because there was always something going on. So we’ll see what happens. And warning: If you are uber-sensitive to disgusting topics, you might not want to read this post. I mean, the title kind of tells you what it’s about.

The day before I was supposed to get on a plane to come back to the States, I got food poisoning. Actually, it was a rather odd case, because I showed symptoms more than a day after I had the raw, potential bacteria infested food. So I’m not really sure what it was. Honestly, the best time to start throwing up all over the place is the day before you get on a plane! Huzzah!

I woke up on Friday morning rather nauseated. I wasn’t sure why, but I thought it would go away. When you wake up in the morning feeling rather awful, sometimes it goes away during the day, right?

After a light lunch, my mom took me to a massage lady. Halfway through, I went to the bathroom, and then suddenly felt like I needed to throw up. And I did. It wasn’t fun. I came out and told my mom I threw up, and I guess she decided everything was okay, so I continued. The lady put a mask on me and left the room. And then I threw up again. As I was lying there pondering my unwellness, all of a sudden that welling up feeling that you’re about to vomit came. And I was lying there with stuff all over my eyes and face and all I could say was, “Mom!” before I started throwing up.

It probably wasn’t a pretty sight to behold. There wasn’t any bag nearby, so they grabbed a basin and I continued throwing up into that.

I also felt really awful for throwing up all over the nice lady’s blankets and towels and stuff. But she said it was okay and threw everything into the wash right away.

Then we went to a clinic because I probably needed to take some stuff to make sure I would be okay to get on a plane. And while we were waiting for the doctor, I threw up again. Throwing up so many times at once is exhausting. It was my first time reacting to food in that way. At least as far as I can remember.

I wasn’t feel that well (understatement) so they decided that I need to get fluids into me. So they stuck an IV into me. The nurse had to try twice. I have very obvious veins (a Red Cross lady once told me I had cute veins), so it was the first time they had to try twice. It was the first time I had an IV stuck into me too.

I laid there on a very hard and high pillow listening to people talk very loudly. I fell in and out of sleep. Then it was over and I got to go home.

And then I threw up again. Sigh.

But then after the last time, I felt a lot better.

And since my mom doesn’t believe in being sick, there is no such thing as resting while you’re sick. You must still perform daily normal activities while ill. So I had to do that too. Except everything was twice as slow.

Anyways. Vomiting a lot is not fun. And it made my abs sore. And it’s gross. Don’t do it.

3 thoughts on “Vomiting is not that Fun

  1. Yes, you should definitely hold it in so it festers and ruptures your stomach and them spreads all throughout your abdominal cavity and then maybe ruptures your peritoneum and then you can go into septic shock and die. Definitely you should never throw up.

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