Chicken Food that Sprays Water

How did so many days manage to pass between the last post and today? Hmm… It really does feel like I’m losing track of days though. Anyways. Today’s will be short. But immensely amusing.

Yes, you read it correctly. You should be laughing right now. Why aren't you laughing.

I’ve been to this place several times, and for some reason I had never noticed the restaurant name in English. I guess I always knew the Chinese name so I never read the English. If you can read Chinese, then you may know that this is one of Chiayi’s (where I live) well known restaurants. And the food that they sell is well known for this city. So why can’t they get the English name right?

Or maybe this is what they feed the chickens… And the chicken food sprays water!

In other items of note:

  • The other day my mom made a few hundred man tou (Chinese plain buns). Except hers aren’t plain. She made some with blueberries, and some with dried plums, and some kind of grain. She also made chocolate chip man tou. They were delicious.
  • I’ve discovered that cats fart. A lot. I had never considered the idea of cats farting. Or maybe it’s just our cat. Regardless. He’s a stinky cat. And he likes to fart around other people.
  • It’s warming up here (do you believe that it was cold?). I think my allergies are kicking in. I’m allergic to Taiwan. My face gets all itchy and I swell up. Huzzah!

Say something! Make me laugh!

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