Back Again… Again.

I dreamt that I had written a post for my blog. Which means… I suppose, that it’s about time that I get back to writing (hopefully) regularly. I’ve had a little bit of a break (not as long as the ones I’ve had before), but I’ve had all sorts of things that I wanted to write and… now I’ve got this tremendous backlog of ideas. All in my head. Sigh.

But just a warm up/review of past events that I may or may not want to post about. I might just scratch all that stuff and start anew. I went to Korea (and posted about two days worth of material and… stopped. >_<“), I came back and went into full intensive mode looking for dresses and etc. That definitely was an education. Looking for dresses here usually includes their ridiculous wedding photography. But that’s another story that I’m probably not going to tell. I went to Alishan. Sort of. Not the scenic area, but the mountain itself. I looked for monkeys. I helped my parents garden. My mom made lots of food. The kind she sells. I’m not sure what they’re called in English. But they’re yummy. Our kitten is silly and does entertaining things that I want to post about. Our puppy got a new living area. I got sick (as of yesterday).

I can’t believe I dreamt about writing a post. I’ll get on that soon, hopefully. Just that I’ve been working on all this wedding stuff and haven’t really made myself sit down and write. And… that’s it. For now.

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