Day One–Reception and Magic Show

I just wanted you guys to know that all my posts are written on my phone first and then posted later. The reason for that is simply because I have a lot of opportunity to sit around and do nothing! Like right now! Huzzah! So I write all the posts.

Anyways, yesterday after my deep contemplative bus ride, we got to the trade center. I thought I was going to suffocate on the bus. Everything is super heated. I wanted fresh air. I was going to die. We got off on the wrong stop (but still the right place), so we had to wander around for a little bit to get to the main entrance of the trade show. It’s called Kimes 2012, for those who are interested. It’s a medical and hospital equipment show.

It's pronounced Ki-mes. Not Kimes with a long I.

There’s an underground mall at the trade center so we had to walk through that before getting to the main entrance. It was hot. I was so hot all of yesterday. I suppose that’s because it’s cold outside, but seriously–does the heater need to be on so high? And everyone still wears their big coats while it’s so hot inside.
After we got our badges and dropped off our suitcases at one of the exhibits, we walked around. There are so many things that I would like to try! From massage chairs to personal sauna things and hospital beds and various physical therapy equipment thingies and many, many more! But like I said yesterday–I don’t want to embarrass my dad. So we shall see what I get to do. As of yesterday, I just followed my dad around to what he wanted to see.
We also got invited to a reception for oversea delegates. I don’t think we count as delegates, but some guy my dad knew had extra invitations and we got to go. So… I got to listen to some speeches by the organizers and main supporters behind the event and then had a buffet dinner. During dinner there was a magic show, a prize drawing, and a bubble show.

See how far I was sitting? Also, this magic show involved a lot of scarves. Is that the norm? I'm not familiar with magic shows.

The magic show was okay, but we sat off to the side, so we couldn’t see very well. And… we also go to see what the magician was doing when his back was toward the audience, or the things he was getting from his trunk. And then a prize drawing. I never win anything ever (except for that one time) and so I sat there playing games. And then a bubble show. I could do a bubble show. I like bubbles. I have a lot of bubble solution. How come no one ever invites me to do a bubble show? Basically the guy was up there with a bunch of different wands and made bubbles. Everyone was amazed (why?), but I guess it was pretty.

Personally, I think it's more fun to watch kids play with bubbles than adults playing with bubbles. The latter is just rather... strange.

Anyways, that’s it for now. More later!
P.S. I’m not sure I can get all the pictures off my phone onto my computer (because of Internet issues) so I might have to post them up later. As you can see, pictures are up. And… now it’s like… 3 days after I’ve written this post. Oh well.

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