Hello, Korea!

So… surprise! I’m in Korea. Actually, this is a surprise for myself as well. One thing led to another and… all of a sudden I find myself in Korea.

I’m not here to play. Honest. I followed my dad here at his request. We’re going to a trade show and I’m going to watch/somewhat (probably not) participate in whatever he does while he’s on a business trip. I think it’ll be interesting. It has been already.

Right now I’m on the way to our hotel on a bus. It’s my first time in Korea, actually. And… I guess it’s because it’s the dead (I think?) of winter, but most of the trees are leafless and rather dead looking. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was, “Oh, it really looks like what we see in Korean dramas.” For some reason I was slightly surprised. I’m not sure why that thought would have occurred to me, but it did. So… now I know. The Korea I see on TV–or more accurately, the Internet, is real. For those who have never been, you are now informed so you now know too. Congratulations! And you’re welcome. I know it’s been bothering you for some time know.

Umm… writing this post on the bus is giving me slight motion sickness so I’m going to stop now. I think this is long enough for a post anyways. I’m pretty sure I’ve had shorter ones.

Get ready for some adventure-times (as much as I can have while not being anĀ embarrassmentĀ to my dad) in Korea.

Update: I don’t have a converter for my plugs. Bummer. All my electronics are going to run out of batteries. And I probably won’t get to update as often as I’d like. I guess you guys can hear about it when I get back.


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