Black White!

I can’t seem to get this posting schedule down while I’m in Taiwan. I’m never sure when I need to write a post for the right day. That and I’m not really on my computer a lot. Actually, scratch that. I’ve been on my computer a lot. Just doing wedding related stuff like–putting together a registry. So… I can get a lot of presents! I love presents! I love opening presents. I don’t care if they’re mine or other people’s. I just like to open packages.

But this post isn’t wedding related. Did you breathe a sigh of relief? I can’t tell from over here. I think I’m too far. It’s another pet post! My mom also got a puppy recently. A real one. Not a cat we pretend is a puppy.

This puppy’s dad is Cooler. Here he is:

He is not amused by my picture taking.

Anyways. Someone (possibly my dad–who loves bringing home strays) brought a female dog over to the office. Then Cooler (who is a boy and also a stray) and the girl dog had seven babies. They were all really cute. My mom kept one of them and his name is 黑白–literally, black white. Not to be confused with our cat, okay?

So here is 黑白.

Pretty cute, huh?

One thing I realized when taking pictures of the past two posts is that… puppies are much harder to take pictures of than kittens. Kittens are more willing to stay still, while puppies are just hyperactive balls of energy. All though our kitty often races around the house for no apparent reason. Maybe to burn energy.

Anyways, here’s another photo.

Fear me, umbrella!

Hmm. Wrong picture for the caption. Oh, well.

On the day that I took these pictures, 黑白 had just learned to climb stairs. Yay! He’s only about four months old. Too bad my mom didn’t bring him inside to be an inside dog so we could have a matching puppy and kitten set.


4 thoughts on “Black White!

  1. I enjoyed your story, the dogs are so cute, although I didn’t understand the name of the second one cause it was chineese?, anyways thanks for posting something different for my mind in this Monday morning. :-)

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