Furry Superhero!

Halo, all! It’s been a long time. Quick update: I am in Taiwan. That is all. My friend says that while I’m in Taiwan, I should write all the posts. In fact, I just might do that. Adventure-times in Taiwan! Plus, I get to hang out with my mom all the time. Lots of interesting things always happen when my I’m with my mom.

I guess I’ll begin with my mom’s new cat. Some of you may be surprised by this. I mean, I was surprised by this. My family isn’t really a cat family. We’re more of a dog family–with, I suppose, with the exception of Puppy. But anyways, my dad brought back a cat from somewhere (I have no idea where), and now we have a house cat. What about that?

The ferocious masked cat!

Jonathan said that we should name the cat 黑俠. Which is kind of like… the black superhero! Mainly because Jon (note the negative h) said that he looks like he’s wearing a mask and a cape.

He’s really cute. And he really likes to play. So… I made a play thing for him. Kind of like what they have for babies. But this is for a cat. 黑俠 likes danglies. He can entertain himself quite well with it. He also crawls in, over, and under this thing too.

It's a cat jungle gym!

Anyways. Here is our superhero with a real cape.

My mom likes to tie all sorts of things around him for fun. I think it's more fun for her than for him.

Also, I think my mom might be confused as well since she tries to train 黑俠 and also has a leash for him. Anyways, for your viewing pleasure, here is a little video of our hero.

And… a gratuitous cute photo!

You're welcome.


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