Are YOU invited?

Good news, everyone! I have a wedding venue! Huzzah! I am not getting married at the Har-lo! (Wait… I think I announced this on Wednesday. Oh well.)

My friend missed her calling as a wedding planner. She is obviously so qualified and has so many great ideas (i.e., dresses, cake pops, etc.). I highly recommend her to the next person who is getting married. Or anyone who is reading this post, for that matter.

My personal ideas as to why she missed her calling (or many callings, for that matter), is that she was probably sleeping or playing games when her calling came. Obviously, when you’re sleeping or when you’re playing games, you’re doing more important things than paying attention to your future life course.

Anyways. Now that I’ve got a venue, next things on my to-do are: get a dress, and work on wedding invitations. That and finalize details for the venue, which I am doing and am not enjoying that much. It calls for far more interpersonal contact than I care for. And that is true because according to this, I am most likely an introvert. I think I have become more and more introverted as I grow older. Which I find is strange.

So back to weddings. My friend has been very eagerly helping me when she could. She even suggested wedding colors to me! They are orange and lime. The guy said that those are very memorable colors. And then she went ahead and even designed a wedding invitation for me. So very kind of her. I’d like to share it with you all.

Isn’t it lovely? This is why you should hire her as your wedding planner.

Anyways. She calls the guy Guybrush. Mainly because the guy and Guybrush are very close. I mean. The names. Not the people. The guy has no idea who Guybrush is. Just to clarify. I am not Elaine Marley. Because that is who Guybrush Threepwood is married to. Though I think the Governor is really cool, I am not her. Alas.

Anyways. She made a mistake on the date on the invitation. But that’s okay. Because I told her that I only needed one invitation. And it would be the kind where people just pass it around. Everyone only gets one invitation! You all have to crowd around and look over everyone else’s shoulder!

I also told her not to worry about R.S.V.P. card or the other stuff that goes with the invitation. I told her I couldn’t afford a wedding planner of her stature, caliber, and expense.

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