Zombie Dream

Sorry I haven’t posted recently. Last Wednesday I was “protesting SOPA.” (That’s my excuse.) Then on Friday, I was looking at wedding venues. (I have one! It’s not the Har-lo!) And then Monday I was lazy and tired because I woke up so early to come back down to socal so I could get to work, and today is Wednesday. I think my posting might be rather spotty in the coming months (just so you guys are aware), and I really don’t want to have to explain every time I miss a day. (I guess I never had to, though I still feel obligated to, for some reason.)

Anyways, yesterday (Monday night, Tuesday morning, I suppose) I had this crazy zombie dream. It was one of the most elaborate and complete dreams I’ve ever had. It even had a back story. My friend was really amused by it. So I shall share with you all.

First of all, the back story. We were in this town (we meaning Andy and I–though Andy kind of fades out later on in the story). This town/area/whatever had a zombie problem. These are not your typical brainless zombies, though. I suppose they’re a combination of different zombies from different movies/games/whatever. Basically, every house had to leave some sacrifice out every night/week/month/unclear so that when the zombies come, they would take that one person and leave the rest of the household alone. But for some reason, the zombies were becoming implacable, and they were no longer satisfied with just their sacrifice.

So Andy and I were in this hotel-ish thing with a really large courtyard, and there was a zombie outbreak there. Apparently, many people don’t know what to do in the case of a zombie breakout and they wanted to stay in the hotel. Andy and I grabbed some supplies and ran off/flew (there’s a lot of flying in my dreams) away while the zombies were chasing after us. Nearby there was a wooded area with a lot of large trees, so that is where we fled to.

After arriving, we discovered that there was a zombie resistance group there. They were led by some guy who knew what he was doing and a group of people that were really good at killing zombies. (My dream wasn’t terribly bloody, but there was definite chopping off of zombie heads and some people being bitten and the like.) Andy and I joined them, and I went back to the hotel once to get some more supplies.

Back at the hotel, the people were being decimated. There were a ton of zombies, so I had to sneak around to get the supplies. I didn’t want to get discovered by the people there who were still alive, but they found me and followed me back to the camp (even though I didn’t want them to and was trying to lose them). So some of them joined the camp. There was some running/flying away from zombies at this point.

One thing about the zombies in my dream is that they only came out at night. And you knew they were coming because there would be this awful howling stuff going on.

Anyways, to make the long story short (also because I don’t remember a lot of the end part) there was fighting, saving people, saving children, people being sacrificed/thrown to the zombies, crawling in and out of small spaces, people getting bitten, running away, hanging onto rooftops, etc. What was interesting was that some of the zombies had very recognizable faces (in other words, I knew them) and they would try to talk to me to lure me so they could eat me. A good thing I know a thing or two about zombie attacks!

It was quite the adventurous dream. Although I think it qualified for a nightmare. I woke up and thought about zombies. Then I decided to lay very, very still and fell back asleep.

Maybe I’ve spent too much of my time talking about zombies.


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