This last weekend I went to look at wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are ridiculous. Weddings are ridiculous. Why am I doing this again?

Anyways. My friend insists that I find a dress with cabbages on it. Preferably, made of cabbages. This is related to ridiculous dresses that you can find, especially in Asia, where wedding dresses can come in a multitude of colors and no one will blink an eye. My other friend, who is married, said that when she was in Taiwan, she saw a green wedding dress that had these really big flowers on them that looked like cabbages. This became a fixation for the previously mentioned friend, and now she insists that I have cabbages on my dress. Or make my dress out of cabbages. Whatever works, I guess.

Anyways. I looked at a lot of dresses. I tried on a lot of dresses. And I am not going to show you guys pictures of myself in dresses. I’m not sure I’m supposed to do that. So instead, I shall supply you with a guest illustration from my friend¬†who was ever so kind to supply it. She was unable to draw a wedding dress with/made of cabbages though.

This picture basically explains what I did on Saturday.

There you have it. Isn’t this how all people look for wedding dresses? I don’t understand. You don’t own a spear? How do you get by in this world? And your sun doesn’t wear sunglasses? What kind of world do you live in? Obviously the sun needs sunglasses. Obviously.


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