Food Fight?

You guys will just have to endure with me as I go through this process of wedding planning. So… if every other post is related to a wedding, don’t complain. You have the choice to stop reading. It’s pretty much the main thing that I’m thinking about these days and… Ridiculousness helps me cope.

Something that I really, really want to do for my wedding is to have cake pops instead of a wedding cake. Now, if you know me (which some of you probably don’t), you’ll know that I actually don’t enjoy desserts very much. Which is why when someone is always offering to bake me four dozen cookies/brownies/cupcakes, I must insist that she desist (heh, I crack myself up).

Whenever I am presented with a dessert, unless it is chocolate cake with ice cream (the ice cream part is important), what I usually want is just a nibble–I don’t want the entire thing. Call me crazy if you will (I know there are plenty of dessert lovers out there), but this just means that there is more dessert for you! Good, right? I think it’ll work out with the guy, because I believe he does enjoy food in the baked goods category.

Anyways, how this relates to weddings and cake pops… Whenever I go to a wedding, there is always an abundance of cake. And I don’t really want an entire slice of cake (most of the time). Usually, I just want a nibble. Why are slices of cake always so large?

My solution? I want cake pops at my wedding instead of slices of cake. Everyone else will have to be satisfied with a small piece of cake instead of an entire slice. It’s probably healthier that you eat less anyways. I’m only thinking for your well-being. Obviously. Not my own preference at all…

In case you don’t know what cake pops are… here is some help. (Click on the pictures to go to the pages where I found them.)


Umm. I think that gives you guys a pretty good idea. My friend supports us having Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head cake pops at the wedding. Of course she does. Of course.

Anyways. We could have a cake cutting portion during the wedding. The knife, of course, would be prepped. Hot water and everything.

Our conversation–for your amusement:

cherriebb515: John said we can consider cake pops.
cherriebb515: hahahaha
moosterkey: Fish balls?
cherriebb515: Mm...
cherriebb515: Cake pops.
moosterkey: Yaris would so dearly love a fish ball.
cherriebb515: I know she would.
cherriebb515: she probably would like a cake pop as well.
moosterkey: Think of how much time you would save if all your cake pops
            were really fish balls.
moosterkey: You can dip them in chocolate or whatever.
cherriebb515: hahaha
cherriebb515: And then instead of having cake cutting.
cherriebb515: Maybe we could throw cake pops at each other.
cherriebb515: And have a cake pop fight.
cherriebb515: He seemed okay with it.
cherriebb515: Although I was really amused by the two of us cutting a
              cake pop.
cherriebb515: As the cake cutting part.
cherriebb515: We should get a really big knife.
cherriebb515: And then cut a little cake pop.
cherriebb515: And warm up the knife and all that stuff.
cherriebb515: Also, we discussed the possibility of me being rolled
              down the aisle if I got fat enough.
moosterkey: I support the cake cutting ceremony even if you have cake
moosterkey: You can have one cake pop.
moosterkey: And you have to prep the knife.
moosterkey: And you can deftly cut a slice out of the cake pop.
moosterkey: And then you have to each take a piece of feed it to the
moosterkey: And then smear frosting on each other.
cherriebb515: hahahahaha
moosterkey: You should definitely do this.
moosterkey: You have a lot of work to do if you want to be rolled down
            the aisle.
cherriebb515: I don't really want to.
cherriebb515: But it's a possibility.

Anyways. My friend really wants me to have fish balls on sticks covered with chocolate frosting instead of cake pops. But I dunno. That sounds disgusting.

Also, I have been eating ever so much recently. It’s rather counter-intuitive. Aren’t I supposed to be losing weight prior to getting married? Not sure what’s going on there.


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