Wedding Crafty!

When I used to think about weddings, all I thought of was that it was a really good excuse to craft. I mean, think of all the things that you can make by hand! Invitations, the dress, favors, decorations, etc., etc., etc. So when the guy asked me what I had envisioned about weddings, all I could think about was crafting. He basically told me that I could not craft the entire wedding. Not that he wouldn’t let me. It just isn’t that practical. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t let me. But it would be for my own good.

I agree with him. I just wish I could do more. But it would take so much time and energy that I would probably go crazy over all of it. And that’s not really what either of us want. Crazy wedding planning crafting lady is not exactly on the list of people I want to be. So I guess I’ve just got to be satisfied with the small things.

Like this notebook that I made for myself!

It has my name on it! It belongs to me! If you ever see it floating around lost somewhere, you'll know who it belongs to!

I bought this notebook with the purpose of keeping all my wedding planning notes in it. If I don’t have a centralized location for things, I never know what’s going on. Ergo, it’s important for me to know what’s going on so that I don’t do things like forget to send out invitations. Or forget to buy a dress. You know, important stuff.

And ever since I went on a re-covering notebooks binge, I’ve really coveted one for myself. I don’t craft for myself very often because–well, I can’t think of any real occasion where I would write a card to myself. And basically, I didn’t need any of the things that I make for other people. But finally! there was an occasion where I needed a notebook, and I thoroughly enjoyed re-covering one for myself.

Except–I ended up doing and re-doing certain parts of this notebook. I wanted the notebook to be versatile, so not only did I stick on something where I could create new tabs for myself, I also wanted pockets. This is what I came up with:

There's stuff written in it already, and I don't want you to see it, so you have to be satisfied with this bad picture.

There is a larger pocket in the front, but I was afraid that if I put smaller things in it, it would get stuck. So then I put a small pocket in the back. I was pasting envelopes in there, but I wanted pockets. and I wanted a robot pocket.

My friend suggested that put an accordion pocket in there if I didn’t want small things to fall out. So after I got home from the meeting that night, I promptly began to work on an accordion pocket. I’d never made one before, so it was my first try. This is what I came up with.

Sorry it's blurry. Can't retake this one though.

A few problems with it. The top part is too short so it didn’t fully close that well. Also, there were a lot of folds on the side and so it became really think. And then I was really unsatisfied with the bottom part. See how the corners curl up? That’s cause they’re too fat.

But here is another picture:

You can see the damaged part where I tore out my robots. Sad. I wish I had more robot paper lying around.

I liked the idea that I could put a lot of things in it and also be able to close it. But as I went to bed that night (by the time I was finished it was late), I was imagining the improvements I could make to it. And trying to decide if I wanted to redo the pocket.

The next day I decided that I wanted to redo the pocket. I guess after doing it once, I figured out the things that I wanted to fix. And maybe because I wasn’t so tired, some of the things worked out better. Also, the night before I was lazy and didn’t want to glue everything so I used double-stick tape. I’ve never used that much double-stick tape before. I did not like it.

So here’s the final product:

Ta da!

I’m a lot happier with this, except I noticed later in the day that the pocket is a little bit crooked. But… I’ll survive. Because I rarely make things for myself I wanted it to be just right. And this is close enough as I’ll get, I guess.

I might redo the front pocket. I can hardly stick anything in there...


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