Swashbuckling Tale!

So… umm… In case you didn’t know… I got engaged. Anyways. That’s part of the reason of being MIA. And I think the direction of this blog may change with my change in status. That, however is another issue. Now onto my swashbuckling tale.

I was telling some friends about how the guy proposed to me. (Okay, he’s more than just “the guy,” he’s my fiancé. I just don’t know how to refer to him on my blog yet. I guess he can just be “the guy” for now. Until we figure something else out. I’m not sure if he’d be okay with his own blog post and illustrations.)

It was a really normal proposal. To be honest, we’re really boring. Really, really, really boring. The way he describes us and our story, is “Just imagine the most boring scenario. And then make it ten times more boring.” That’s us. There’s not too much that’s interesting about us. Therefore, one of my friends was very unhappy with our story. She insisted that it wasn’t a real proposal. According to her, real proposals should involve pirates and treasure hunting and rings in mountains and etc. So the way the guy proposed wasn’t really a proposal. So I made one up for her. And we all thoroughly enjoyed it, so I’m going to tell it to you guys as well.

So the guy and I were on a lake, and he was rowing a boat, and it was really stormy. You have to picture The Little Mermaid (Disney version) stormy, where Eric is desperately rowing and Ursula created this huge storm, and Eric is trying to get to the boat to kill Ursula so he could save Ariel kind of stormy. Anyways, so he was desperately rowing, and there were electric eels and sea monsters in the water trying to kill us. I’m not really sure where he was trying to row to, but… yeah. And it was all stormy and we were being half submerged in the waves. It was really crazy–you had to be there. And then there was this fishing pole on the back of the rowboat and he pulled up the line and on the end was a piranha (I don’t know, that was the first kind of fish that popped up in my mind!). Then he cut open the piranha and inside was a ring! (At this point you should gasp.) And then he asked me to marry him. And I said yes.

So… that was how I was propositioned.

And just to clarify, I did not say, “Yes, no problem.”


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