A Sign!

The other day, someone asked me to make a sign.

The sign is for a going away sort of snack event thing-a-ma-bobber. In the office, we have some people who are kind of like interns. I say kind of like interns for lack of a better term. I really don’t want to give an in-depth explanation.

Anyways, some of these people go to a school close by, and they come in during the week and work on projects in the office. And some of them are graduating, and some of them aren’t coming back to intern here for the next semester. So we’re having a little good bye event.

And I got asked to make a sign.

I wasn’t sure what kind of sign to make. Like a… “Congratulations so much because you are graduating and we are all so pleased, but we’re going to miss you as well!” sign? Or a “We’re so happy for you, and will miss you, but we encourage you to keep going on and pressing on towards your goal!” kind of sign? Or simply a “Please don’t leave we’ll miss you, how about coming back to work here in the office?” sign? Or maybe it was supposed to be a “Please enter through here and mind the gap!” sort of sign? Or would it be more along the lines of, “The food is here!”?

The person who approached me about it wasn’t exactly that clear. She said something along the lines of… congratulations, encouraging, how about a verse, I guess but I’m not really sure? It didn’t really seem like she knew what she wanted either. So I thought about it a little bit.

Then I was thinking… I don’t know what medium she wants the sign in. Did she want me to write something? Print something out? Make something? “Make a sign” is just so vague of a request…

So this is what I came up with.

If you look closely, you can catch some of the mistakes I made. Five points if you point them out to me!

It took a little bit longer than just printing something out, but less complicated than actually writing something. I made the background and used my Sizzix for the letters. I guess what took the most time was just gluing (is that really how it’s spelled?)  everything down.

And I decided on a verse because it’s safer than saying something like, “Congratulations! We’ll miss you! Why don’t you come back and work here? Why are you leaving us? Please don’t go! Mixture of sad and happy faces!”

Also, if you ever ask me to make something for you, please give more detailed instructions. Otherwise I will be very confused and may come up with something completely inappropriate. Maybe on purpose. Depending on the occasion, I guess.


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