The Rain

The rain… makes me happy. I am the pleased that it is the raining. (Perhaps you are confused by my grammar? If you would follow me on the twitter you would find that it is the common thing to do.)

But anyways. I’m glad it’s raining because I need it. Not because it would wash my car. (My car has been rather clean looking recently, I must say.) No, I need the rain.

So I went to take a walk in the rain. It was rather nice. Why do I like rain? I know not everyone does. Some people hate it. Like cats, I guess. Cats hate rain, right? I guess if you hate rain, you are like a cat. Why must you be like a cat?

Back to the rain. I like rain because… I like the smell of rain. I like the sound of rain. I like the feeling of rain. I like to watch the rain. (Did I miss any senses?) I don’t think I want to taste acid rain, although I’m sure clean rain would taste delicious. I like the smell of the air after it rains. I like the way the rain clears the air. I like walking in puddles. I like seeing the reflection of things in the rain.

In conclusion, I like the rain a lot.

I went outside to get some air (which was very fresh, by the way) and to talk a walk in the rain with my umbrella. I am rather pleased by my umbrella although it has cats on it.

Now that I think about it... why did they put cats on the umbrella if cats hate rain?

I don’t mind cats too much if they are willing to play in the rain with me, I guess. Although, I may have a greater affinity for cats than I think I do.

I really love the sound of rain on umbrellas. Pitter patter. Patter pitter? Pitter pitter patter? Patter patter pitter? (I’ll stop now.)

I like taking walks outside when it’s cool, but it’s even better when it’s raining. Everything is prettier in the rain.

Prettier, right?

Even if it is just asphalt and pine trees, rain does make everything look prettier.

It made me feel better. I was pleased.

Umbrellas. Rain. Pleased.


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