Semi-Serious Contemplations

This post is titled as it is because… well. I can only be semi-serious. I’m prone to exaggeration. (Have you noticed?) I’m prone to making things up. (I’m sure that one wasn’t obvious) And I love sarcasm. (For sure you didn’t see that one coming.) But today is a thoughtful kind of day and hence a semi-thoughtful kind of post.

Also, apologies if I sound ranty.

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I really didn’t mean to. Last Wednesday I was sitting at my computer about to start writing something when something else came up. On Friday I was… where was I on Friday? Oh, right. Black Friday. I was out all day. And sick too. And Monday? I was driving back down to southern California. It’s really hard to be consistently posting when you’re not home. Or when you’re not in the office. Or when you can’t sit down for ten minutes without being asked to help with something else. In general, it’s hard to live your own life with family around.

I mean, seriously… why can’t I ever go to bed when I want to?? (I am so amazingly grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep.)

But what can you do? They’re your family. You’re stuck with them. They’re stuck with you. You miss them when they’re not there. You want to get away when they are there.

And besides, you can’t drain your own blood (vampires really don’t exist, regardless of what you think). And while you can disown people, you can’t change the fact that by virtue of what you are composed of (I’m not getting super science-y or technical, so don’t criticize this train of thought, please) you’re family. (I’m not even sure if that last sentence made sense, but whatever. I’m sure you get the idea.)

Course family also gives you endless things to write about (if you post about them like I do–yes, every word is a different link), endless things to be entertained by, endless stories to tell, etc.

That is all. There is no conclusion to this post.

Family is family. What can you do?

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