Adventure with the Mother!

I don’t care what you say, it’s still Monday as I begin this post, therefore it is Monday’s post. Even if I finish it on Tuesday. Don’t complain. At least you still get a post. And you know, if I wanted to backdate it to five years ago, you wouldn’t know the difference anyways. So there.

I did mean to write some back up posts for this week because I knew I would be busy pretty much during the day all the time this week and I wasn’t sure when I would be able to post. But as I was trying to brainstorm up some pretty amazingly interesting topics, I just felt the great maw of wordlessness. Which only seems to occur at very critical moments of my life. Somehow, it seems like I have a lot of very critical moments.

But as I went through my day, I was trying to think up topics to write about (honest, I was!), and I realized that spending time with my mother is wonderful posting fodder. Maybe it’s because I only see my mom every so often, or maybe life is really that thrilling and interesting with her around. (Both are probably true. Okay, not probably. The first one is definitely true. The second one depends on my mood.)

So snippets of today will involve photos.

We went wandering around a mall! We weren’t really shopping. But we stumbled upon this:

Apparently, I am not the only one.

I normally am not a fan of Hello Kitty. I’m not sure why. I just don’t like her all too much. But maybe I would change my views knowing that Hello Kitty also <3’s (not just loves, but less than three!) moustaches as well. We might get along better because of that. (I’m referring to my affinity for moustaches.) To be honest, simply because of the moustache I might even use this bag. In fact, I probably would, if my mom didn’t decided that she wanted it. (And then she decided that she didn’t want it but is going to take it to Taiwan anyways. Someone there for sure will want it.) I also didn’t realize that Hello Kitty had such nice writing. And she’s really good at drawing moustaches.

Please note the moustache zipper.

I suppose this counts as an illustration... I've been thinking that I need to do one as it has been a while.

Then we did a bunch of grocery shopping, and then decided to come home and take pictures with live lobsters.

Doesn't everyone take pictures with the live animals that they're about to heartlessly kill and then eat?

And then we steamed it. It was delicious. The following is our steaming mechanism.

We were having some issues with it being cooked all the way through (I wonder why) so we had to microwave it even after this. I like to call it creative cooking.

And that was not all we did today, but this post would be super long if I detailed everything. This is probably sufficient for today.

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