A Most Reasonable Explanation

Before I begin anything, I must first apologize for not posting on Wednesday. To tell you the truth, I was really moody/stormy/emotional/childish/whatever all day long, and by the time evening came around, I completely forgot about posting. I just wasn’t in the mood to do it during the day and to be honest, even if I hadn’t forgotten, I wouldn’t have been in the mood to do it at night. It’s probably better for you though. I’m pretty sure ranty Sheri wouldn’t be fun to read. It might sound too much like a pubescent teenage girl. I certainly don’t want that to be my online persona. I’m going more for the ridiculous, completely out-of-context, absurd personality that not many people understand.

So now to the real substance of the post. (If you can call it substance, that is.)

This morning I found this picture.

The original site is here.

Anyways. Why is there a lion in the tree at night? My friend and I were reasonably (however else would we be?) trying to figure why the lion might be in the tree.

Actually, anytime I see big cats in trees (not large domestic type cats), I am surprised at finding them in a tree. (And by this I mean in images, because I have never seen a big cat in his/her natural habitat.) But what do you know? Lions seem to be in trees quite often. Actually, I shouldn’t be that surprised. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Jungle Book.

My first thought was that the lion must be very sneaky (and thereby have lots of stealth points) and he is waiting in the trees for some prey to come underneath him so that he can pounce ever more effectively. My friend reminded me that the lions usually are not the ones who do the hunting. It’s true. Lionesses usually do the hunting. But he could be a young lion that doesn’t have his own pride yet. He does look rather young, doesn’t he? (Though I must confess that I know very little about lions and thereby have no qualification to say whether or not he looks young or not.)

Upon further inspection, I discovered that the lion has his mane/hair parted in the middle. (It’s true. Look really hard.) My conclusion then was that he probably doesn’t have any lionesses because he’s kind of a nerd because his hair is parted in the middle. (I am not anti-nerd. I love nerds. I think nerds are great. Just saying. I mean absolutely no offense to people who part their hair in the middle and are not nerds. And no offense to nerds who don’t part their hair in the middle.)

My friend said that he could be trying to look good for a blind date. I suppose that’s perfectly reasonable. My alternative to that was that maybe it was Sunday and he was about to go to a church meeting. Also perfectly reasonable.

I guess we never came to a conclusion because we switched subjects. Airport circling and such, you know.

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