Steampunk in Action!

Last night, I was very pleased. (Today, not so much. But that is unrelated.) Why? When I got home, I found in front of the door three packages. Only one of them was for me, but I didn’t mind at all. Upon opening the box, my suspicions were confirmed. My new watch had arrived!

I’ve been on the lookout for a good, appropriate watch for a few weeks now, maybe even a month. I’ve been in the habit of wearing a watch ever since junior high or high school, and was hardly ever without one, but all my watches had ran out of battery and about half a year I have been watch-less. It has been quite sad.

Not having a watch has caused me to be slightly late to many things. One may argue that that’s what phones are for, but I like to differ. Phones are primarily for contacting other human beings (or non-humans, I suppose). I only occasionally use it for a time-keeping device. I considered simply taking my watches to get their batteries replaced. And then I realized that after I moved, I no longer know where exactly my watches are. Which could be an issue. I didn’t really feel like overturning every single box to find them. So I decided to purvey for myself a new watch.

I did some half-hearted looking. I did not find anything satisfactory. And then, lo and behold, I stumbled across a really cool looking watch that is usually super, duper expensive (the why would anyone pay that much money for a watch in my opinion kind of buying range), but was super, duper on sale! I got it for less than 20% of the original price. What a steal.

And it arrived yesterday. And it’s so much cooler than I originally thought! I was really pleased with myself and with the watch. Here are a couple of pictures.

Don't it look so cool?

And that’s just the front. Here is the back.

Even the back part looks so cool!

Now, if you remember that I have relatively recently discovered I was into steampunk, it may register with you that this watch has a striking resemblance to items found in that general genre. Mainly because it has lots of gears and stuff.

Though it is bulkier and heavier than watches I was used to wearing, I really like it. I really like listening to the sound of it ticking. And! It is an automatic watch! It charges when I move my arm or my wrist. Or I can wind it. So awesome.


One thought on “Steampunk in Action!

  1. Nice watch! I always used to look for ones with glass or plastic backs because of a metal allergy – but now I just rely on my phone instead… A nice watch is a great Steampunk addition though!

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