Flying Cow?

I am not that motivated to make up nonsense. Or maybe I just need to prime the pump. But maybe I am too meh to prime the pump right now. So instead, I will look at pictures of babies to cheer me up. Specifically, pictures of babies with flying cows.

Because I don’t have pictures of my knitted goods, as previously mentioned here, I had to ask around for pictures. And because I couldn’t remember who all the recipients of my knitted items were, I had to write some really awkward emails. It went like this:

How’s it going? Haven’t talked to you in a while. But… I have a random question. haha. I think I made you guys a baby blanket for your boy? Maybe? I hope so, otherwise this question would be really awkward. If I did (because I sincerely can’t remember), do you have a picture of _____ with it? I’m collecting pictures of things I’ve made. So… hopefully I gave you one. haha. If you have a picture, can you send me one?

Talk about awkward.

One of the mothers sent me a series of lovely photos, a few of which I am going to exhibit here for your viewing pleasure, sans comments.

Note the flying cow?


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