Winter Weather Fare

I did not feel like writing today. Currently I am bogged in some reading about some litigation, and my mind has been thinking about that rather than ridiculous ideas (who woulda thunk, right?). Therefore, I felt completely devoid of inspiration (perhaps woefully so), and I did not want to write. But my friend suggested that I write about hot pot. Hot pot, by the way, is one of my foods of choice, especially in the wintertime.

Perhaps I shall begin with our interchange.

 cherriebb515: I have not written.
               I do not feel like writing.
               I am completely devoid of inspiration.
 moosterkey: Hot pot.
 cherriebb515: haha
 moosterkey: maybe vs shabu shabu
 cherriebb515: But I am not familiar with shabu shabu
 moosterkey: I'm sure Koreans have an equivalent.
             Make something up.
 cherriebb515: haha
               I guess I am good at that.
 moosterkey: I don't see why knowing nothing about a subject should
             keep you from speculating.
 cherriebb515: 'Tis true.
 moosterkey: Anyway, you can see the ridiculousness that is Choco in a
             tshirt and a duct tape door later today.
             Maybe that will inspire another post.

There are a few things from this conversation that you may infer. First, hot pot is a subject that is not unfamiliar to us, although shabu shabu might be. Second, I am perfectly willing to speculate on something that I know nothing about, which will then be taken as fact by the two of us. Third, I get to see Choco in a t-shirt and a duct tape door later today.

Back to hot pot. I woke up this morning thinking of the promise of hot pot. I happen to vastly enjoy hot pot, contrasted with my friend who would like to avoid anything hot and soupy at all. She is not a fan. She said that I could take her place at the family dinner table when hot pot season has come upon her household, which will begin tonight. So tonight I am going to have hot pot with her family, but I don’t think I am taking her place. Perhaps she will eat a sandwich. Perhaps not.

You may wonder what hot pot is. You may go here for further information. If you would like to know what shabu shabu is (all I know is that it is the Japanese equivalent), you may go here.

Now, because I am absolutely, positively certain that Wikipedia never, ever lies and therefore I need no further evidence than what is shown on Wikipedia, I will have to conclude that Chinese hot pot is superior.

Why, you may ask?

We should all be aware that a picture is worth a thousand words. Possibly even more. Look at the picture in shabu shabu article.

Now compare that with the hot pot article.

Do you notice something? Do you happen to notice that the hot pot picture has so many more things that you can eat than the shabu shabu picture? Point proven. Hot pot is better than shabu shabu. And you don’t even need to read the article. I have solved the hot pot vs. shabu shabu picture.

But perhaps you are not convinced. In which case, I can help you some more.

I believe that there are more words in the hot pot article than in the shabu shabu article. More words means more things to say. Which means that hot pot is better. Despite the fact that you can use more words to say something negative and less words to say something more positive, without having to even read the words on the page, you can see that hot pot is so obviously superior.

Should you ever have to make the decision between hot pot and shabu shabu, you now know which is superior. No need to check reviews, or ask people what their experience was, or even check sanitary conditions. The choice is clear.

I just realized something. I have proven exactly how ridiculous the defendants in this litigation that I’m reading about are. So ridiculous.


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