Craft of Choice

I’ve posted a good amount about my paper craft. I think I’ve written or posted pictures of various cards that I’ve made for various occasions. I’ve also written and posted about stamp carving, of which I’ve made many more in the past few days. But to tell you the truth, my craft of choice, or perhaps the craft that first got me started in this world was knitting.

Yes, knitting. You know, that old grandma stuff. I really would like a rocking chair where I would sit and knit all day long. Except… I’m not allowed to knit all day long anymore. Mainly because I’ve already done my share of knitting constantly. Maybe a little too early in life than when it was appropriate. Therefore, I can only knit in spurts.

Anyways. The point is (that is, if there is a point to this), is that I first entered into the world of craft through knitting. I thought I would do a little bit of showcasing of the things I’ve made. Except… I never took pictures of the things I’ve made. I’ve made scores of scarves (okay, maybe not scores. But many.), many blankets, hats, one bag, and… I can’t currently think of anything else. Recently, I’ve propositioned to the recipients of baby blankets to send me pictures of their beloved in the blankets that I’ve gifted. I haven’t had an overwhelming response back yet, but I did get one.

Cute baby, huh?

Well… you can’t see the blanket that well, but… whatever. Maybe I’ll get some later that you can see blanket more.

Say something! Make me laugh!

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