It Portends!

‘Tis the season for the Santa Ana winds. For those of you who have never experienced the Santa Ana winds, you may go here to read about them.

Typically, the Santa Ana winds arrive in southern California during the season generally known as fall. If you’ve ever lived in southern California though, you know that there really aren’t clear-cut seasons here. It’s mostly just summer and kind of winter. Not really a real winter, either. Just… a temperature drop. Occasional rains may also occur.

As I commented this morning to the world via my Twitter feed, generally, I consider the Santa Ana winds to be an old friends that visits. Or maybe I should say, periodically–in the proper sense of the word, of course. My friend responded, saying that, “I think they’re more of an acquaintance that drops by and then overstays its welcome. I think I always have.” (Which proves a point that I have not been arguing, that we do not think completely alike. But it is quite similar, don’t you think?)

Anyways. As I was driving through flying debris this morning–organic and otherwise–I was considering why the Santa Ana winds figure as a friend in my memory. The following is what I came up with.

First of all, Santa Ana winds usually arrive, as I mentioned earlier, in the fall. According to my memory, it always arrived relatively close to Thanksgiving. And what student doesn’t appreciate the holidays? Secondly, I like the wind. Even if they are hot and dusty and debris-y. It’s fun when it’s windy. And third of all… well. I think I only really have two reasons.

To tie it all to the title, which you are now unmistakably considering, I’m sure–the Santa Ana winds, to me at least, portends that holidays are to be amongst us soon as well as a temperature drop otherwise known as winter!

And I am reasonably excited for Thanksgiving. Reasonably so. Of utmost reason.


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