I didn’t go into work today. That’s not the focus of this post, however.

The point is that I found myself at home with some time on my hands. I was browsing through the craft posts that I follow, and I came across this.

Now, I’ve made stamps before. It wasn’t the first time that I was inspired to make stamps. The last time I did, I came up with the Official Stamp of Homemade-ness. For that project, I had bought a set of six stamps, so I had a few more that were just lying around. So I decided to make more stamps!

So many stamps!

I’m pretty pleased with them. And now I have a speech bubble stamp! Huzzah! Here’s what it looks like on paper.

I did have to do a few adjustments for them.

Overall I’m really pleased, and thinking about other kinds of stamps that I would like to make. Suggestions anyone?



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