Airport Friend

Gasp! I’m just about to make the deadline for a post for Friday! Good thing I remembered! Huzzah!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about this before–I may have mentioned it, but never actually written an entire post about it–but airports really like me. Actually, I really liked airports too (notice the past tense).

Airports are actually a large part of my childhood and life. My dad flew a lot, so we were constantly going to the airport to pick him up or drop him off. Then we also flew a good amount, so there was that. Also, we had a lot of international visitors coming and going, so that also involved airports. And now as we’re older, I get the special privilege of picking up all my family members from the airport when they come to southern California. (That was sarcasm, in case it wasn’t clear.)

But really, I did love airports a lot as a child. I didn’t mind the waits to get through security, or the long drive, or waiting behind lots and lots of cars, or all that stuff. I didn’t mind, because going to the airport meant (if we weren’t picking someone up) that we were going somewhere! And going somewhere is always exciting.

Now, however, going to the airport most usually means I’m picking someone up. Which isn’t a big deal. I totally don’t mind picking people up from the airport. It’s that… my family overdoes it sometime. I have gone to the airport seven or eight times in one week. And that’s not as uncommon as you think. If my mom flies in, then I go and pick her up. And then my dad flies in, so I go to pick him up. And then my brothers arrive (usually together, but not always), and so there are those trips. And then, of course, people leave at different times. So I find myself driving to different airports at different times, and it can add up to a lot. Of course that’s only when my entire family is getting together.

That’s not counting the individual trips that they as individuals do. And then there’s picking up friends or visitors or various relatives. And of course there are the trips that I take myself.

So all in all, the airport and I have gotten to know each other quite well. Granted, I go to different airports for different things and fly into different locations, and etc., but in general… airports don’t vary too much from one another, and additionally, there are a few that I have gotten to know quite well. So airports and I are very good friend. And I think airports miss me when I have too long a stint away from them.

Anyways. I’m still not a professional airport circler, though.


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