The Conspiracy Continues

I am referring to this conspiracy.

For those of you who don’t already know (probably most of you), our office has been having a fruit fly problem. It’s been driving me nuts.

For the most part, fruit flies seem mostly innocuous, they are so hard to get rid of! For example:

“…once they’re established in your house, they can sustain themselves on an impressive range of nutrients. They can live on the slime inside a sink drain. They can flourish on a sour mop. They’ll eat damp flour or food fermenting quietly in a crack in the floor. They’ve even proven capable of existing on a diet of alcohol fumes, their bodies deploying a special chemical that converts the alcohol to nourishment before it can poison them.”

That’s from here.


Thus, I have made a fruit fly trap that I put in our kitchen, and it seemed to be quite successful at catching them. I’ve also been seeing quite a few around my desk, so I just made one for my desk too.

Only because I brought a banana to work today and actually ate it.

I will keep you guys posted (literally) on my fruit fly catching process. But so far, they seem to be attracted to it.

I don't know why it was so hard to get a picture of fruit flies.

Thus far, they have not entered the trap. But they are sure lingering on it a lot.


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