It’s a really bad idea.

Dear all,

Guess what? This is post number 100! WordPress tells me so. And therefore, I need to find a word that means 100 times. Now if I had a real dictionary, I would flip to the section where it starts with “cent-” (meaning 100), but as I don’t, I googled it. And “words associated with 100” didn’t help. Anyways, I am unable to find something that describes 100, so if you think of anything, feel free to let me know.

Naturally, the idea of 100-something has nothing to do with the title of this post. Surely by now you have some sense of my writing style. Surely.

So what does the title have to do with anything then? Well, I’ve decided that it is a very idea to shop at Costco for a single person. Though I have to say that things like this are very tempting. I mean, entire Thanksgiving meal pre-prepared without any work needed by yours truly? Except it would take me a year and a half to eat through that turkey alone.

Shopping at Costco is very useful and cost-effective if you are cooking for, let’s say, 20 people. 20 people can probably finish off a couple rotisserie chickens in one meal. It takes more than a week for one person to eat a rotisserie chicken. Believe me. I tried. I ate rotisserie chicken in various forms for almost every meal of an entire week. And I still didn’t finish it. And now I’m pretty sure I only want rotisserie chicken in very small amounts, though I do like rotisserie chicken a lot.

Even if one is not shopping for food, it would probably be a good idea to consider how much storage space you have if you are shopping for things such as cups, plates, napkins, or paper towels. Otherwise… your pantry might be really full. And not full of food. Or your closet being full of items that are not articles of clothing. You might end up being the queen of Styrofoam cups (personal experience) or being the proud owner of close to 20 large rolls of paper towels that would probably take one person more than a year to use up (also personal experience).

Anyways. I think I’ve learned my lesson (I hope). The only thing that I really find myself buying at Costco nowadays is gas.

Say something! Make me laugh!

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